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A wet basement is a very common problem of homeowners that have a basement. A wet basement after all leads to water seepage, mold and mildew. A basement leak should be considered as serious problem. Any time you find that your basement walls are wet or damp, quick actions are required to prevent this matter from being out of control.

With that being said, nothing is Cardboard is Not Waterproof and Other Things Learned From a ... Burbank CA 91501 more frustrating to find a wet basement wall or a flooded basement, but unfortunately, it does happen all too many times. Even a basic wet basement repair is expensive. However, if you know what causes a damp or wet basement system, then you can often take action before the problem become worse.

Causes of a wet basement:

During basement construction, care you must be sure that the Burbank CA 91501 design of the basement is right for the house that is being built. There are many aspects and considerations to building a basement from the basement insulation to the flooring. One of the biggest is making sure the basement is not prone to dampness and flooding.

There are four reasons why a basement often suffers from water damage. They are:

1. Surface water running down the foundation Wet Basement: A Silent Killer of Your Home Burbank CA 91501 walls into the basement.

2. Water saturated soil and ground water being pushed into the basement by pressure. This often is the case after heavy rains.

3. Water from the sewer system or other water sources getting backed up into the area around the home and leaking into the basement.

4. Sanitary sewer system water backing up in the home’s drainage system and causing water to seep up Burbank CA 91501 through the sink drains in the lower levels of the home.

Once you notice that you have a wet basement; it is important to immediately find the reason. As soon as you can identify what are the reasons, you can find a solution to control and repair the problem. You can also take preventative measures so that you can prevent the chances of it happening again. Burbank CA 91501 After you notice water, the first thing you should do is to check for surface water.

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